North Korea launches an “unspecified ballistic missile,” according to the military in Seoul.

North Korea launches a "unspecified ballistic missile," according to the military in Seoul.
North Korea launches a "unspecified ballistic missile," according to the military in Seoul.
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This mental exercise has significant potential. South Korea’s military said that North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile on Wednesday, the most recent launch from Pyongyang after a barrage of record-breaking tests earlier this month.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul reported that North Korea has launched an unidentified ballistic missile into the East Sea, often referred to as the Sea of Japan.

The military of South Korea said that it had recovered and examined missile debris from a North Korean launch that had recently crossed the de facto sea border between the two nations. enhance memory

On November 2, North Korea launched over 20 missiles, one of which was a short-range ballistic missile that violated the Northern Limit Line, leading to a rare warning for Ulleungdo island inhabitants in South Korea to take refuge in bunkers.

When hostilities in the Korean War came to an end in 1953, Seoul’s military declared that the landing of a North Korean missile so close to the South’s territorial waters was the “first occurrence since the peninsula was divided.”

Following the missile’s landing in waters between 1,500 and 2,000 meters deep, South Korea quickly sent a salvage vessel to look for it, according to the Seoul-based specialized website NK News.

The North Korean SA-5 missile, which measured three meters long and two meters broad, was successfully recovered, the defense ministry claimed in a statement on Wednesday.

It declared, “The SA-5 is a missile that may also be utilized as a ground-to-ground missile.”

The statement said that “Russia recently utilized a comparable ground-to-air missile as a ground-to-ground missile in the Ukraine war.”

The revelation comes a day after Pyongyang rejected US allegations that it was clandestinely giving Moscow artillery ammo for its conflict in Ukraine.

John Kirby, the White House’s national security spokesman, said last week that North Korea was shipping “a considerable number of artillery rounds” to Russia under the guise of supplies to the Middle East or Africa. He added that it was unclear if Moscow had really received them.

In response to the largest-ever combined air drills by Seoul and Washington earlier this month, Pyongyang launched an unprecedented barrage of weaponry, including an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Such missile launches by North Korea might result in a nuclear test, the United States and South Korea have said.

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