This mental exercise can significantly enhance memory.

This mental exercise can significantly enhance memory.
This mental exercise can significantly enhance memory.
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Bad memory can cause a wide range of issues in anyone’s life. While leaving your wallet at home or forgetting where you put your keys may not seem like a huge deal, occasionally, a poor memory may lead to severe problems in life.

People with memory problems experience personal, professional, and interpersonal difficulties. A study found that many people’s memory issues might be resolved by a relatively easy game.

A memory-improvement game, according to a professor of psychiatry and neurology at Columbia, can help individuals avoid forgetting things. The idea isn’t necessarily brand-new. There are several brain workouts that have been supported by science and shown to be effective for improving different brain functions, including memory.

There are several ways to train the brain to improve memory.

The current study focuses on a game that may be played every morning with breakfast. Crossword puzzles, a classic pastime, have been shown to significantly boost memory.

The experiment’s participants were split into two groups by the researchers. While the other group worked on crossword puzzles, one of the groups was tasked with playing computer games.

After conducting the trial for many weeks, the researchers discovered that participants who solved crossword puzzles significantly improved their performance on memory tests. Their memory and other cognitive abilities were improved.

The study came to the conclusion that crossword puzzles might be used as a game for memory enhancement.

Dr. Devanand, one of the study’s authors, said that their work was the first to document the advantages of doing crossword puzzles at home.

“This is the first study to demonstrate both short- and long-term advantages for home-based crossword puzzle training compared to another intervention, “He added.

Given the difficulties in demonstrating improvement with therapies for moderate cognitive impairment, the results are significant “he noted.

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