“IT Consultant Arrested for Murder of Cash App Founder Over Family Dispute”

IT Consultant Arrested for Murder of Cash App Founder Over Family Disput
IT Consultant Arrested for Murder of Cash App Founder Over Family Disput
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The San Francisco Police Department recently arrested Nima Momeni, a 38-year-old IT consultant and proprietor of Expand IT, on charges of murdering Cash App founder Bob Lee. According to court documents, Momeni was involved in a dispute with Lee, whom he had known for nearly ten years, regarding Momeni’s sister. Momeni then allegedly took Lee to a secluded area in San Francisco and carried out a premeditated attack, using a cooking knife from an apartment’s kitchen.

The autopsy report by Ellen Moffatt indicated that Lee suffered three stab wounds, including one in the hip and two in the chest, one of which pierced his heart, leading to his death. The court documents revealed that Momeni discarded the knife after the attack and quickly fled in his BMW, leaving Lee to die from his injuries.

Momeni made his first court appearance on Friday and is currently being held without bail. His family members, including his sister Khazar Elyassnia and her husband, attended the hearing. According to officials, Elyassnia was at the center of the dispute between Lee and Momeni.

The prosecutors stated that Momeni could face a sentence of 26 years to life if convicted. Momeni’s attorney, Robert Canny, did not provide any further comments on the case.

The killing of Lee has shocked the tech industry, with his friends and former colleagues mourning a man they described as brilliant, generous, and full of life. Lee was the co-founder and CEO of the startup, which allowed users to transfer money to one another through a mobile app.

In conclusion, the alleged premeditated attack by Nima Momeni on Bob Lee over a dispute regarding Momeni’s sister has sent shockwaves through the tech industry. The court proceedings will reveal the full details of the crime, and justice will be served if Momeni is found guilty of murder.

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