Dancing Brazil vow ‘more of the same’ against Croatia

Brazilian dancers promise to play Croatia with "more of the same."
Brazilian dancers promise to play Croatia with "more of the same."
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The cat most likely emerged as a result of THE pigeon dance. At the World Cup in Qatar, the discussion has turned to Brazil’s most recent celebration of goals, which was inspired by forward Richarlison. It has been charged with showing disrespect to adversaries. Then there was the cat, a stray that stole the show during Vinicius Jr.’s news conference on Wednesday evening. The attempts of the Brazilian media officer to move the cat later attracted further notice.

At Brazil’s press conference on Thursday, which was jam-packed with reporters, on the day of their quarterfinal match against Croatia, their coach Tite was even questioned about the cat’s welfare. This a strange query before a pivotal World Cup match, but wing-back Danilo also inquired about a potential final matchup with Morocco, the Arab nation that has outperformed expectations to become the first Arab team to get past the round of eight in the tournament.

Danilo, who was sometimes mocked by Brazil for his lack of offensive skills but was not recognized for his steadfast defensive play under Tite, stated, “The focus is on Croatia right now.” We are unable to focus on anything outside the game because of the intense rivalry here.

The pigeon dance is still a subject of interest. After Richarlison scored in their 4-1 thrashing of South Korea in the round of 16, Tite joined him in his impersonation of a pigeon and on Thursday justified his choice, claiming that doing so helped him build relationships with his young players.

Tite stated, “I’m 61 years old and I deal with athletes who are 22 or 23. “They may be my grandkids. I’ll keep dancing with them if that’s what it takes to connect with them. There will be more of the same.

For Tite, who is only the second Brazil coach to have kept his job while failing to deliver a World Cup, fostering that bond has been essential. Brazil lost in the quarterfinals four years ago in Russia, but Tite is still here and attempting to end a two-decade wait for the championship that Brazilians think is always theirs to win.

The same coach that led Croatia against them in Russia is still in charge of that team. The Croatians had a historic run under Zlatko Dalic, reaching the final for the first time in their history before losing to France in Moscow.

During Croatia’s press conference on Thursday, Dalic was also questioned about the Brazilian celebration because the pigeon dance was a hot topic. He declared, “It’s their right to celebrate in the way they see fit. Of course, I wouldn’t like my players dancing that way, but that’s probably because our cultures are different.

Brazil’s dancing routines, however, only appear when they are in full swing, raising the issue of whether there would be a similar celebration if they were chasing the game.

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