Whether or not I am imprisoned, the PTI will win elections: Khan, Imran

Whether or not I am imprisoned, the PTI will win elections: Khan, Imran
Whether or not I am imprisoned, the PTI will win elections: Khan, Imran
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Imran Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister, says he doesn’t know whether he will be disqualified, but it “doesn’t matter” since he feels his party is riding a popularity wave “unprecedented” in Pakistan’s history.

When questioned about Pakistan’s escalating political turmoil, he offered his remarks with American media company National Public Radio (NPR).

The government is terrified of elections, which is what is occurring. They are terrified that we will win the elections. As a result, they are doing everything to get rid of me, including assassination, since I escaped an assassination attempt – [and] am extremely lucky to be alive,” Khan told NPR from his Zaman Park home in Lahore.

Khan stated that it makes little difference if he is disqualified or not since “the party I head currently enjoys unparalleled popularity in our history.”

“Therefore, whether I’m in jail or not, the party will win the elections,” the former prime minister asserted firmly.

When asked if he is certain that an election would be held on time, Khan replied it is his main concern, since when the country dissolved its two province administrations, elections had to be held within 90 days.

The PTI head was then asked by interviewer Steve Inskeep what would happen if his party — the PTI — returned to power, a reference to the Opposition’s assertions that Khan clamped down on the media and other opponents while he was in power the last time.

“Steve, my three and a half years were the most liberal in our company’s history. I mean, unlike in the past, we never interfered with the courts. We never tried to influence the media. The only times there were issues with the media were not because of us, but because of the army, the army establishment, or the army itself “Khan spoke out.

He went on to threaten that over the next five months, not only he but every one of his top leadership will face charges. “They’re sprinting from one court to the next,” he observed.

Inskeep urged the former premier to disclose his “attitude” toward those he accuses of persecuting him today if he were to retake office.

At this point, Khan stated that the difference between rich and poor countries is not a lack of money, but a lack of rule of law, since he has traveled the world as a professional international player.

“Countries with rule of law thrive, whereas those without rule of law devolve into banana republics. Thus, in Pakistan, we are fighting to put the strong elite under the law “he explained.

According to Khan, the rule of law implies that everyone who breaches the law, including you, is held accountable.

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