All democratic forces are welcome at PTI’s doors, according to Imran Khan

All democratic forces are welcome at PTI's doors, according to Imran Khan
All democratic forces are welcome at PTI's doors, according to Imran Khan
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Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI and a former prime minister, said the party welcomes all democratic forces to join its fight for justice, the rule of law, and independence from foreign sway.

He suggested that he might contest the Wazirabad incident FIR in a tweet on Tuesday, calling it absurd. “My attorneys will explain my viewpoint on the ridiculous FIR. I have struggled my entire life to make my country’s ideal of being a prosperous welfare state a reality, he remarked.

Today, the country has woken, comprehended, and risen,” he declared, adding: “When we are nearing our objective, no fear or danger of death can stop my effort. Only Pakistan’s Haqeeqi Azadi is the target of our nonviolent demonstrations and discourse. All democratic forces are welcome to join PTI’s fight for justice, the rule of law, and independence from foreign servitude in order to secure Pakistan’s future.

Later, when speaking to local media, he ordered his party’s officials and supporters to put an end to protests anywhere other than Islamabad. He said that he had no problems with the Pakistani Army and that their disputes stemmed from the topic of accountability. All institutions must operate within the bounds of their own constitutions, he insisted.

According to him, he was aware of threats to his life and had thus produced a video message prior to any attempt on his life. He claimed to have a suspicion that he would be the target of an attack at Gujrat or Gujranwala.

The individuals who attacked him have ties to interior minister Rana Sanaullah. The probe would be cleared if the defendants were found not guilty. He claimed that he will be slain in the same manner as how Salman Taseer, the former governor of Punjab, was.

Imran said that the Punjab government had been instructed to ensure his security in relation to the attacker. He referred to the army chief’s extension as a “million-dollar question.” He declared that the long march would recommence from its previous stopping point.

The FIR of Imran Khan’s shooting was a farce of justice, according to Mian Mahmood-ur-Rashid, minister of Punjab local government and community development, who made this claim on Tuesday. The key culprits were not even included in the FIR. He said that while the government’s partial treatment of Arshad Sharif, Azam Swati, and now Imran Khan had come to light, some PDM members’ consciences were still alive because PPP Senator

The minister stated: “After losing the support of the populace, threats of governor’s rule are being made, but the situation will only become worse with the governor’s rule, for which the government would bear sole responsibility.”

He said that by calling for rapid elections, the imported administration might still prevent the collapse of both the nation and its honor. “Transparent elections are the only option for ending the current situation, and we will not consider any other alternative. Only the declaration of new elections will calm the irate PTI workers, who will appear in public beside Imran Khan one more on Thursday.

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