Khawaja Asif blames the Punjab government for the attack on Imran Khan.

Khawaja Asif blames the Punjab government for the attack on Imran Khan.
Khawaja Asif blames the Punjab government for the attack on Imran Khan.
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Defense Minister Khawaja Asif blamed the Punjab government, which is supported by the PTI, for the attempted murder of party Chairman Imran Khan on Friday.

Asif asserted, “The region where Imran Khan was attacked is accountable for whatever transpired on Thursday,” during a worker’s convention in Sialkot.

He insisted that the attack on Khan was equally the fault of the province and its chief minister.

Whatever occurred during the long march should be denounced, Asif said, adding that it is equally condemnable to use such situations for political gain.

The injured did not get any medical care, according to the defense minister.

He continued by saying that the establishment, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif are the targets of random attacks.

During the speech, he asserted, “The federal government has not abdicated its role.” The PTI wants to file a “first information report (FIR) of their choice,” the minister said, thus they have not yet determined whether to launch a case.

Regarding PTI’s hesitation to file a complaint, Asif stated, “They are squabbling over whom to mention in the FIR.”

According to Khawaja, the accused has made three video remarks that have been made public and in which he discusses missing the objective. He continued by saying that in addition to pistol rounds, a submachine gun (SMG) shell had also been discovered at the scene of the event.

“The choice that will be made at the end of this month is what concerns Imran Khan the most. He wanted to select the army commander of his choosing, “He said that PM Shehbaz will decide whether to appoint the army leader.

Khawaja continued, adding, “Constitutional procedure will be followed to nominate the army chief.”

The minister stated that the general elections will be conducted 90 days after the assemblies’ term ended in August 2023.

Khawaja stated that the PML-N will require restructuring in the current political climate and added that “Khan misses the PM residence and cannot sleep as a consequence.”

He criticized the fact that despite the PTI has been in power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the past nine years, not a single pledge has been kept.

“Khan vowed to abolish corruption and was disqualified because of it,” Khawaja added, adding that the party has amassed significant riches and is now working hard to safeguard it.

The defense minister expressed confidence that things would get better in the coming days and predicted that it would only take a few days for the problem to be resolved.

The minister added of PM Shehbaz’s recent trips to China and Saudi Arabia: “Shehbaz Sharif’s travels were extremely warmly welcomed overseas.”

The minister acknowledged the necessity of making social media successful throughout his speech. “Social media is not only for sharing photos. It should be used for information and communication.”

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