Wasim Akram admits to having a “cocaine” addiction.

Wasim Akram admits to having a "cocaine" addiction.
Wasim Akram admits to having a "cocaine" addiction.
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Wasim Akram, a former Test captain for Pakistan, has confessed in his upcoming autobiography “Sultan: A Memoir” that he became addicted to cocaine after retiring.

“I like splurging and going out to parties. In South Asia, the fame culture is all-consuming, alluring, and corrupting. A night may have 10 parties, and some people do. It also affected me negatively. My gadgets become vices, “He stated as reported by the cricket website in his book.

“The worst of all was that I became dependent on cocaine. My usage gradually became more serious to the point that I felt I had to use it in order to function when I was offered a line at a party in England. It all seemed innocent enough at the time.

The situation was out of control. I was unable to stop it. One line would multiply into two, which would then multiply into four; four would then multiply into a gramme, which would then multiply into two. I had trouble falling asleep. I was unable to eat. I lost track of my diabetes, which led to migraines and mood changes in me. Like many addicts, a part of me enjoyed learning the truth: the concealment had been draining, the former captain said.

The 18-year career of Akram came to an end in 2003. He is still regarded as one of Pakistan’s all-time best fast bowlers. 414 Test wickets and 502 ODI wickets were taken by the left-arm bowler.

The drug addiction battle of the former cricketer-turned-commentator was eventually won following the death of his first wife.

“My drug addiction was treated thanks to Huma’s final altruistic, unintentional gesture. That manner of living was finished, and I’ve never looked back “He scribbled something.

Patrick Murphy wrote the article Sultan: A Memoir, written by the cricketer himself, will be published shortly.

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