Haris Rauf is optimistic about Pakistan’s World Cup comeback since the game is “still not finished.”

Haris Rauf is optimistic about Pakistan's World Cup comeback since the game is "still not finished."
Haris Rauf is optimistic about Pakistan's World Cup comeback since the game is "still not finished."
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Before their encounter against the Netherlands in Perth, Pakistan’s fast bowler Haris Rauf said that the team’s struggles are still ongoing and that they will recover in the T20 competition.

Following Zimbabwe’s shocking victory against previous champions in Perth after Pakistan was defeated by India, The Netherlands will now be the opposition for Babar’s team on Sunday at Perth Stadium.

Before the game, Haris stated that the squad feels confident in their ability to recover but cautioned against being complacent.

“In international cricket, you cannot refer to any team as the lesser side; rather, you must show respect to every team when you compete against them. Everyone is there to win the tournament, so you must give every team you play your best, he stated.

The Pakistani bowler said, “Zimbabwe played brilliantly the other day and defeated us.

Harris acknowledged that Pakistan didn’t get off to the tournament’s best start, but he also emphasized how brilliantly his squad played in both contests.

Despite being so close to winning both games, Haris noted, “We lost both games despite giving it everything in both.”

“We are hurt just like any cricket fan would be. The competition is not

After two defeats, the squad gathered to discuss its performance and figure out how to correct its flaws, according to Haris, who said that the team has come together well and that the players are supporting one another.

“We have reviewed our errors and will do better,” he added of the two games that were not properly completed. We are concentrating on our cricket and aren’t paying close attention to what is being said outside.

In response to a query, Haris noted that if the team isn’t succeeding, then one’s performance isn’t happy, and it’s crucial that your performance aid your team in winning the games.

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