“Get Ready for the ‘Ningaloo Eclipse’: Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse to Grace the Skies on April 20, 2023”

Get Ready for the Ningaloo Eclipse Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse to Grace the Skies on April 20 2023
Get Ready for the Ningaloo Eclipse Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse to Grace the Skies on April 20 2023
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On April 20, 2023, a rare hybrid solar eclipse is set to grace the sky in some parts of the world, offering a breathtaking sight to those fortunate enough to witness it. Eclipses are rare occurrences that happen when the sun, moon, and earth align in a cosmic setting, casting their shadow or blocking the sunlight. A hybrid solar eclipse is an extremely unusual phenomenon that shifts to an annular, or ring-shaped, from a total solar eclipse as the shadow of the moon falls on the Earth. This phenomenon occurs just a few times in a century.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) confirmed that the phenomenon is going to take place, but it will not be visible in Pakistan. The eclipse will start early morning and end right before noon on April 20 as per Pakistan standard time. The eclipse will be visible from parts of southern and eastern Asia, Australia and Antarctica, and over the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

The eclipse will create a ring of fire which will be witnessed for a brief time in the Indian Ocean, but the moon will be covering the sun completely when it reaches Western Australia, witnessing around nine minutes of darkness during the day. Sky enthusiasts from Lospalos in East Timor will be able to witness the total Solar Eclipse. Skygazers from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and some parts of Antarctica and Southeast Asia will view a partial solar eclipse.

April has been designated as “Global Astronomy Month” by a US-based organisation, Astronomers Without Borders, as the month will offer mesmerising sights in the sky. However, this solar eclipse will not be visible in the US, but just after a few months in October, there will be another solar eclipse which will be seen in the western part of the US.

According to ancient beliefs, the inauspicious time before Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan is known as Sutak. Activities such as Pooja, Mangalik programmes, cooking and eating are prohibited during the eclipse.

In conclusion, the rare hybrid solar eclipse, or the ‘Ningaloo Eclipse,’ is set to offer a breathtaking sight to some parts of the world on April 20, 2023. Sky enthusiasts from various regions will be able to witness either a partial or total solar eclipse, while some regions will not be able to witness this rare astronomical event at all. It is a reminder of the awe-inspiring beauty and mystery of the universe, and a chance for people to marvel at the wonder of the cosmos.

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