“Wild Indian Civet Cat Causes Chaos in Parliament House, Islamabad”

Wild Indian Civet Cat Causes Chaos in Parliament House Islamabad
Wild Indian Civet Cat Causes Chaos in Parliament House Islamabad
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On Tuesday, chaos broke out in Parliament House when a wild Indian civet cat broke into the building, causing damage to several office items. According to Parliament staff, the animal had also broken into offices the day before. Videos of the animal’s antics were shared on social media, showing the civet cat entering the office through broken glass and then roaming around the space, causing destruction along the way. The footage showed a fallen television, upturned monitors, papers strewn about, dislodged plants, and a damaged ceiling.

Officials from Islamabad’s Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) were called to the scene to handle the situation. They could be seen chasing the animal, which put up a spirited fight. Eventually, the officials managed to subdue the animal by dousing it in water. IWMB Chair Rina Khan Satti later tweeted that the animal likely entered the office to take refuge from the rain. She also emphasized that while the civet cat is a wild animal, it is harmless to humans.

The Indian civet cat is native to South Asia and is listed as “least concern” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List because of its widespread distribution. According to Satti, the animal is commonly found living in green areas near and in towns and cities. After subduing the animal, IWMB officials released it back into its natural habitat.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting wildlife and ensuring that they are not harmed or threatened. It is crucial to remember that wild animals are not pets and can pose a danger to humans if they feel threatened or cornered. In this case, the civet cat likely entered the Parliament House in search of shelter from the rain, but ended up causing damage to the offices.

The IWMB’s swift response to the situation was commendable, as they were able to safely subdue and release the animal back into its habitat. This incident also highlights the need for better wildlife management practices, particularly in urban areas where wild animals may come into contact with humans more frequently. By working together to protect our natural environment and the animals that inhabit it, we can ensure a safe and sustainable future for all.

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