“Expert Committee Formed for Ailing Elephant’s Care in Karachi Zoo”

Expert Committee Formed for Ailing Elephants Care in Karachi Zoo
Expert Committee Formed for Ailing Elephants Care in Karachi Zoo
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On Monday, Administrator Karachi Dr Syed Saifur Rahman formed a committee of nine members to oversee the care of Noor Jehan, an ailing elephant in Karachi Zoo. The committee is composed of individuals with expertise in veterinary medicine and animal welfare, including Dr Amir Khalil, Director of Reveal and Response from Four Paws International, Dr Marina Ivanova, Senior Veterinarian at Four Paws International, and Dr Frank Goritz, Head Veterinarian at Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Germany.

Other members of the committee include former Senior Director of Karachi Zoo Dr Mansoor Qazi, Dr Imran Rasheed, Associate Professor in the Department of Parasitology at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Lahore, Dr Isma Gheewala of Animal Care Centre Karachi, Deputy Director of Karachi Zoo Dr Amir Rizvi, and Member of the Zoo Expert Panel for Zoo and Safari Park Dr Kazim Hussain.

The committee will provide suggestions and recommendations to the administrator regarding the well-being and welfare of Noor Jehan, including practical measures for her treatment and the provision of a natural environment.

Dr Rahman expressed his appreciation for any efforts made for the welfare of animals, and stated that KMC is making every effort to facilitate the swift recovery of Noor Jehan. KMC is also maintaining constant communication with Four Paws, an international organization for animal welfare, via video link, and treating the elephant according to their instructions.

Dr Amir Khalil and his team from Four Paws had operated on Noor Jehan a week ago at the invitation of KMC, and recommended medicines and measures for her recovery, which have been fully implemented.

KMC is taking measures to ensure the well-being and better health of all the animals at the zoo and making all possible efforts in this regard. Dr Khalil, Dr Ivanova, Dr Goritz, and Dr Hilderbrandt from Germany are included in the committee formed to make the efforts for the recovery of Noor Jehan more effective and better.

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