The ability to capture what you observe is one of the new Meta Quest Pro upgrades.

The ability to capture what you observe is one of the new Meta Quest Pro upgrades.
The ability to capture what you observe is one of the new Meta Quest Pro upgrades.
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Tech experts and writers wanted the $1,499 Meta Quest Pro headset could have captured mixed reality during its introduction so they could show us what they saw during testing. It has already begun to roll out to certain users of Version 47 of the program, which enables that feature, and will soon reach the remainder of them.

You will be able to click record when using this program, which blends your actual environment with a virtual one, according to Cameron Faulkner of The Verge. How blurry it seems there is demonstrated in the video below. It’s a good thing that this feature was included so soon after the headset’s debut.

The other future Quest Pro-specific feature is background audio playback. You may use the headset to load a browser version of your streaming service so you can listen while playing games or attempting to connect to coworkers in Horizon Workrooms.

In Meta’s lineup of VR headsets, The Quest 2 has been quickly downgraded to a supporting role. For the first time, this software update almost entirely lacks brand-new, exciting features for the $399.99 ($349 over the holidays) headset. Faulkner hopes that this is not a recurring pattern; perhaps the outdated gear cannot support these particular changes.

However, customers of Quest 2 and Pro will soon receive a few minor improvements. While you modify the appearance of your avatar in virtual reality, you’ll be able to see how you seem in a new mirror placed in your home environment.

Meta has also upgraded its mobile apps for iOS and Android, with an emphasis on making it easier to see when friends are online. It is beginning to resemble a widget to make it simpler to share what you are seeing in the headset with others.

According to a statement from Meta, “We’re bringing your VR buddies front and center on the Meta Quest Mobile app, so it’s simple to see when they’re online, what they’re up to, send them a message, or start playing together.”

“To make things simple for the gift-givers in your life, you can make your Wishlist on the Meta Quest Store public so your friends and family know what virtual reality (VR) games you’re hoping to snag this year,” Meta added.

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