“April Update: New Pokemon and Events in Pokemon GO”

April Update New Pokemon and Events in Pokemon GO
April Update New Pokemon and Events in Pokemon GO
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In April, Pokemon GO has been busy releasing new events and updates for its players. One of the biggest updates is the global release of Shaymin, a Gen 4 Mythical Pokemon that players can now obtain through a new free Special Research. This Shaymin is different from the one seen at Pokemon GO Fest 2022. Additionally, players can now capture a range of new creatures in the game, such as Primal Groudon and Kyogre, as well as the new Gen 9 Pokemon Gimmighoul and Gholdengo.

The upcoming Sustainability Week event in Pokemon GO will debut Bounsweet, completing the Pokemon’s full evolution line in the game. However, before that event, the game has planned a Limited Research Day event on March 23, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm local time. This event will focus on the Ground/Electric-type Stunfisk and its regional variant, Galarian Stunfisk, introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. During the event, players will need to spin Photo Discs in PokeStops and receive Limited Field Research tasks. Completing these tasks will reward players with either Stunfisk or Galarian Stunfisk, with an added bonus of increased chances of finding the Pokemon in its shiny form.

While Stunfisk and Galarian Stunfisk will be the main focus of Limited Research Day, the event will also increase the spawn rate of other wild Pokemon such as Sandshrew, Diglett, Gligar, Swinub, Phanpy, Larvitar, Numel, Barboach, Baltoy, Hippopotas, and Drilbur. Lucky players may also encounter these Pokemon in their shiny forms. Interestingly, this marks the second April event in Pokemon GO to feature Swinub. Recently, the game also announced a Community Day Classic event for late April, which will showcase the Gen 2 Pokemon.

Niantic frequently adds new Pokemon to Pokemon GO and highlights existing creatures in the game through events such as Limited Research Day. These events offer great opportunities for casual gamers to return to the game and explore new features. For more dedicated players, these events provide a chance to find high-status Pokemon that will prove valuable in competitive gameplay modes.

In summary, Pokemon GO has been releasing several updates and events for players in April. The global release of Shaymin, the debut of Bounsweet in Sustainability Week, and the Limited Research Day event featuring Stunfisk and Galarian Stunfisk are just a few examples. These events provide opportunities for players to explore new features and find valuable Pokemon.

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